'Kusama' Fine Silver Earrings

'Kusama' Fine Silver and 24kt Gold Earrings
Delicate, light as a feather and elegant.
2 1/2"l. x 3/4"w. 


Island Spheres - Oxidized Sterling Silver
Currently available for purchase at Down East Gallery,
Edgecomb, Maine. downeastgallery.com or @downeastgallery
Size: 1"dia.


Bold & Abstract Earrings

I don't know what to call these but I love them 
and have been road testing them on my own ears. 
When I designed the pattern I just went a little crazy. 
These are the result of etching the design on heavy nickel sheet
 and roll printing the design onto
 sterling silver, then creating the shape and oxidizing them.
Size: a bit more than an inch long. I know that's not terribly specific
but I'm happy to send you more info.  
$90 - SOLD


Black/Gold Keum Boo Earrings

                      Oxidized fine silver concave discs with 24k accents. 
                                      Custom order. 1" diameter.
                                                     $95 SOLD


Etruscan Brass Bangle Trio

Wear all three ~ but not to the opera.
These etched bangles are reminiscent of 
Roman numerals which some historians believe were originally developed 
by the Etruscans. Anyway, it just sounds more exotic. 

Natural patina. Available in three sizes shown here:
1/4", 1/2" and 1 1/4" widths. Inside diameter:  2.63" 
(size: medium woman's or small man's wrist)
$55, $80 and $110
(Custom order -please allow 2-3 weeks)

Etruscan Brass Bangle

I was going to call this the Roman bangle but
Etruscan just sounded more archaeological and I could
imagine this substantial bangle being unearthed after centuries 
among the ruins of an ancient civilization.
You only need one of these on your wrist to
make a statement. 
Size: 1 1/4"wide x 2 5/8"dia. 
(fits a medium woman's or small man's wrist)


Mali Bangle

Although I have never been to Mali, my travels in Morocco 
among the Berber and nomadic Tuareg cultures of Western Africa
have included an exposure to their timeless tribal design styles. 
This is my riff on their symbology. 
1/2"wide x 2 5/8"i.d. 


Dots and Dashes Brass Bangle

Fresh brass...love this abstract pattern of dots and dashes.
on a hand etched, curved brass bangle. Because brass tarnishes, it
develops a beautiful patina as it ages, but can be
polished with a tarnish cloth if you like it just the way it is. 
Dimensions: 1/2"wide x 2 5/8" diameter; 
circumference: 8 3/4" 
(Fits a medium woman's or small man's wrist)
~Only one available~


Chinese Writing Stone Earrings

A custom pair of Chinese Writing Stone Earrings
that I designed with a customer who chose the stones
and helped design the setting. We both love the outcome.
No two stones are alike which is part of the fun.


A Bit of New Year Bling...

A bit of bling...
Fine silver earrings with 24k gold accents
(Just shy of 1" square)
Instant party with these elegant little numbers.
(for pierced ears only)

River Run Earrings

River Run Earrings
Oxidized sterling silver (1" x 3/4")
So much of what I create is influenced by my 
proximity to the sea. Living at the mouth of a 
saltwater river where it meets the Gulf of Maine,
I love the rhythm of the sea, the ebb and flow of the tides
and the ever changing patterns found along the shore.
$85 (Only one pair exactly like these)


An Abundance of Triads

Fine silver with 24k gold keum boo.
Handwrought sterling ear wires.
 Custom order only. Please allow 3 weeks.
Length: 1 5/8" (+ 1/2" to top of ear wire)
(also available in oxidized silver)


Sea and Sky Bracelet

A little bit ocean. A little bit intergalactic. Lapis lazuli set in a fine silver bezel w/ a heavy gauge sterling clasp band. Size: small. 2 1/4" interior width. $225.


"Morocco" Silver Cuff

"Morocco" Sterling Silver Cuff
embossed and oxidized
Size 1 1/4" wide x 2 5/8 i.d. x 6 1/8" dia.